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California Hispanic Media, Inc.- La Prensa Hispana Endorse John Benoit For County Supervisor

California Hispanic Media, Inc. with two local newspapers, La Prensa Hispana and La Prensa del Valle de Coachella jointly selected and endorsed John Benoit as the most experienced and viable candidate for the position of Riverside County Board of Supervisors.
John Benoit has been and continues to play a very active role as a true representative of our district. Benoit has been a consistent presence since his days as Commander of the California Highway Patrol stationed in Indio. He served 31 years in law enforcement. He has a Masters Degree in public administration from Cal State San Bernardino. He served as a California State Assemblyman and he served as a California State Senator before becoming a County Supervisor. Throughout all these years, John Benoit has kept an open door policy most especially in the Latino community. John Benoit joined former County Supervisor Roy Wilson and State Senator Jim Battin along with 30 other community members as founders of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce-Coachella Valley. Benoit unbeknownst to many speaks excellent Spanish and totally enjoys conversing in Spanish every opportunity he gets.
It is refreshing to be able to discuss any issue and voice concerns and opinions in a sensible, open manner with a supervisor who truly knows and understands the area from every angle. From the law enforcement perspective, economic perspective, health, housing, legislative perspective and people perspective, John Benoit is the clear choice.
We, as a communications media which caters to the bilingual community are clear John Benoit has the keen understanding of his constituents and is not blinded by the biased myopic view of partisanship. He has served as a Board member of the Desert Sands School district and had 40 pieces of legislation signed into law as a legislator. While in the Senate, Benoit supported making certain a $51 million mitigation fee from the Sentinel Power Plant be spent in the Coachella Valley, a tremendous economic boost and totally supports the saving of the Salton Sea. see A2
When weighing both candidates for the County Board of Supervisor position, it is totally clear Benoit has no equal. His opposing candidate, Perez, despite the fact he has an office three blocks away from La Prensa Hispana, the Coachella Valleys only bilingual newspaper and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, has not had the time nor inclination since 2008 ( 6 years ago) to communicate with either entity. Benoit on the other hand has been consistent in his support, presence and communication offering a clear uniquivacle perspective of who the community can count on.
Based on all facts and our knowledgeable presence in the community, we support, endorse and ask for your consideration of John Benoit for Riverside County Board of Supervisors.