Bono Slams Roth On The Issues

Palm Springs, CA – During a debate before The Desert Sun’s editorial board, Congresswoman Mary Bono today challenged David Roth on the important issues facing our nation. Bono called on Roth to explain how critical issues such as stem cell research, the war on terror, and supporting alternative energy research were not worthy of his attention and comment.

Roth consistently evaded and downplayed issues of clear concern to local residents and once again demonstrated his lack of connection to the district and lack of knowledge of the many critical issues before Congress.

According to Bono Campaign Manager Marc Troast, “David Roth simply does not understand the serious issues confronting our nation and has little knowledge of the 45th district and its constituents. Once again, he has confirmed that he is an ultra-liberal carpetbagger who only moved to the 45th district for his own selfish and partisan purposes.”

During the editorial board debate, Roth failed to adequately respond to local issues such as the Multi Species Habitat Conservation Plan (MSHCP) and his lack of support for local charities and organizations. In fact, he was remarkably ignorant on the concerns of local residents and how to best assist them.

Congresswoman Bono provided substantive and detailed responses to questions posed by the editorial board and consistently challenged her opponent to substantiate his negative, attack-style political rhetoric with any documentation, for which he had none.

Bono once again demonstrated that after 20+ years of service to the community, she has a clear understanding and proven record on the issues that concern constituents most, according to Troast.