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Blue Agave Lounge Breaks Lose With Live Presentation

Rompe Music Record Company puts on a live show

Recording artists of Rompe Music, Niño y Nene, Frankie Boy and Marie Moreno were presented at the Estancia Restaurants’-Blue Agave Lounge. Producer-Manager for Rompe, Mailo Marti was overwhelmed by the full house response from local residents. The live event started at 10:00pm last Friday night but by 7:00 pm the crowds were already starting to congregate in the cocktail-lounge area.

The Blue Agave Lounge at the Estancia Restaurant, 80-755 Hwy 111 in Indio is destined to be a prime hot-spot with the eclectic variety of Salsa, Merengue, Regatón, Rompe, Hip-Hop, Techno and Top 40 presented on Friday and Saturday nights.

The enticing rhythms generated enthusiastic dancing. There was no one either sitting, standing or dancing who was not gyrating to the beat, snapping their fingers and taking in each note with a savor usually reserved for tasting fine wine.

If you like music with soul, a hearty beat and plenty of spice, the Blue Agave Lounge is the place to be on Friday or Saturday nights at the Estancia Restaurant.

The recording artist information can be accessed at www.rompemusic.com, Mailo can be reached at 760-409-4754 and the Estancia Restaurant can be reached at 775-7788 for information of their fantastic availability of facilities for weddings, quinceañeras, receptions or birthday parties. A wonderful place to celebrate!

There were many local residents welcoming the recording artists. Photos by Juan Vasquez include Niño y Nene, Frankie Boy and Marie Moreno along with enthused attendees.