Battin Legislation Giving Elder Abuse Victims More Support in Court Signed into Law

Senator Jim Battin’s (R- La Quinta) SB 1343 sponsored by former Assemblyman and current Riverside County District Attorney Rod Pacheco was signed into law by Governor Schwarzenegger. The bill would allow elderly or dependent adults to be given the opportunity to have a support person with them during witness testimony for elder abuse crimes. Currently, juveniles are allowed to have a support person with them during difficult testimony. Battin’s legislation would extend this protection so that older and dependent citizens who have been violated at least have the support of someone they can trust during what can be a very intense experience.

“I am pleased the Governor signed this important bill. Elder abuse whether financial or physical has lasting psychological affects on the victim. Adding moral support for our elderly victims is a minor thing that California can do to ease a difficult experience,” Battin stated.