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  • <!--:es-->Depressed Realism is Depressing<!--:-->

    Depressed Realism is Depressing

    This week, the Pope declared we are at the beginning of WWIII. Apparently, the Pope is more astute than our own president who still refuses to acknowledge Islam is at war with us. It does not matter ISIS has declared …

  • <!--:es-->Honesty and Clarity Not to be Found<!--:-->

    Honesty and Clarity Not to be Found

    When it comes to immigration reform, president Obama is again waffling between honesty and clarity. These two words define the Obama legacy. Obama as has been noted, uses his feet as a barometer for major decisions and “cold feet” deter …

  • <!--:es-->A Window into Local Politics<!--:-->

    A Window into Local Politics

    There is a requisite among Democrat politicians, the baton must be selectively passed on. New comers must walk the gauntlet, the same path as those seeking citizenship. Wait, we, the Democrat politicians decide when.
    Raul Ruiz has sent me at …

  • <!--:es-->One Vs. 14 Million<!--:-->

    One Vs. 14 Million

    There is an outrage coming out of Ferguson, Missouri as a consequence of the shooting of a young black man killed by the police. He had just committed a crime but the entire plethora of circumstance is still unknown. Dozens …

  • <!--:es-->America Will Become What we decide to Be<!--:-->

    America Will Become What we decide to Be

    Getting a perspective of the unfolding America is difficult, with so many citizens afflicted by short term memory. Politicians have taken note. What happened two months ago is irrelevant. What happened two years ago deserves to be in historical archives. …

  • <!--:es-->Pain Hurts or Changes You<!--:-->

    Pain Hurts or Changes You

    There is a Polish Proverb used when getting pulled into other peoples nonsense, “ Not my circus, not my monkeys”. Perhaps good for personal occasions but as a nation we are becoming the circus and those in charge are our …

  • <!--:es-->All Substance is Related<!--:-->

    All Substance is Related

    Half ass salutes bother me. Daily I see the president exiting from Marine One, and I witness the president giving the rod straight, squared away, saluting Marine, a sloppy curved hand, wimpy fly swatting gesture, he calls a salute. You …

  • <!--:es-->Freedom is a Choice not a Condition<!--:-->

    Freedom is a Choice not a Condition

    This 4th of July week, it would be good to consider what America has stood for since 1775 when independence, freedom from England was declared. Since we are on the verge of accepting another Monarchy, though not officially asserted it …

  • <!--:es-->Integrity is a Missing Commodity<!--:-->

    Integrity is a Missing Commodity

    Supervisor Stone running for the 28th Senate District is proving to be a candidate with too many questionable stains on his record. Setting aside the fines imposed by the California FPPC, the placement of his pharmacy license on probation for …

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