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  • <!--:es-->Change your Mind, Change your Life<!--:-->

    Change your Mind, Change your Life

    Over the years, I have read plenty of books, attended seminars, classes, presentations, lectures,the course in miracles, etc. which I now know clearly teach, “as we think so we become”. As individuals, we define ourselves. A self made millionaire is …

  • <!--:es-->Everyday is a 
New Beginning<!--:-->

    Everyday is a New Beginning

    As we approach the end of 2013, let us give thanks we are in America and can still say we are a free nation. Despite the fact our constitution is under assault by our own leaders, in the end, Americans …

  • <!--:es-->Latinos Moving 
Beyond Magically 
Suspended Belief<!--:-->

    Latinos Moving Beyond Magically Suspended Belief

    As we approach 2014, Latinos across the country who have prostituted their vote in the belief the Democrat party will make all undocumented immigrants legal are waking up to reality. The immigration bill the Senate sent to the House Is …

  • <!--:es-->America Will be 
Going to Washington<!--:-->

    America Will be Going to Washington

    Today we have party affiliated reporters who do nothing more than repeat party platforms and pursue political agendas. We have a media establishment that has surrendered itself and has become a vehicle for misinformation from an administration that has clearly …

  • <!--:es-->“Some Republicans Are Decent People”<!--:-->

    “Some Republicans Are Decent People”

    As America sits without a budget for five years and now a government shutdown, we are expected to believe it is all the fault of those ignorant Republicans. Some of whom to quote the president “are decent people”. If this …

  • <!--:es-->The Era of Weakness 
of Purpose<!--:-->

    The Era of Weakness of Purpose

    “In life there are idiots who are geniuses and geniuses who are idiots”. I think we all fall somewhere in between, depending on what is our contrived motivation. I often write about world events because it is such a perfect …

  • <!--:es-->Mexicans Are People Too<!--:-->

    Mexicans Are People Too

    It is always difficult to make sense out of the immigration issue. For most Americans, only current circumstances are debated while not taking into consideration the ebbs and flows of America’s needs. While it is easy to speculate Mexican immigrants …

  • <!--:es-->If Clowns Can Run our Country<!--:-->

    If Clowns Can Run our Country

    Progressives have brought absurdity to the extreme. There is now an actual movement intent on banning “clowns” who make fun of Obama. Of course the first order of business is to conveniently forget the times former President George Bush was …

  • <!--:es-->We Have Always Been a 
Judeo-Christian Nation<!--:-->

    We Have Always Been a Judeo-Christian Nation

    It gets frustrating listening to this administration coddle Muslim terrorist, not even wanting to allude to them as terrorists while they bedevil the Jewish nation of Israel; Our only true ally in the Middle East. What kind of mindset does …

  • <!--:es-->This Land Belongs to Those Who Work It<!--:-->

    This Land Belongs to Those Who Work It

    Benito Juarez once said “The land belongs to those who work it”. Similarities can be made with our layered generations where many today are enjoying the fruited inheritance of their parents, grandparents or past relatives. Many of these elders toiled …

21-May-2018 17:00:21