Arrogance Derived from Perceived Power Dominates our own Assembly Representative

Que verguenza!

Manuel Perez who represents the Coachella Valley voted against Abel Maldonado, son of a farm workers family, who was selected to be Lt. Governor by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is clearly a case of a Mexican-Latino blocking the way of success for another Mexican-Latino simply because he was told how to vote by the Democrat leadership. Or, was it his own warped concept of justice?

Perez explained on Univision he did it because he did not believe Maldonado was sincere in supporting Latinos. Aside from being ignorant of the real facts, I guess Perez really showed him what supporting Latinos is all about!

The Anti-Mexican Arrogance of the past decades comes to mind along with a giant heap of hypocrisy. Too bad it comes from one of our own, or is he?

Doroteo Galvan- Rancho Mirage.

State-wide – What They’re Saying …

… About Sen. Abel Maldonado’s Confirmation Hearing

Assembly Democrats’ Behavior Was “Partisan And Infantile,” Assembly Engaged In “Childish Political Games And Electoral Jockeying”

Sacramento Bee: Assembly “Partisan And Infantile … Void Of Leadership … Heaps Shame On Itself.” (Editorial, “Assembly Heaps Shame On Itself,” Sacramento Bee, 2/12/10)

“Legislators Had A Simple Task … It Should Have Been A Quick Vote.” “Legislators had a simple task – to confirm a moderate Republican senator for the largely meaningless job of lieutenant governor. It should have been a quick vote. Once it was done, they could have moved on to truly important tasks, such as finding budget solutions and crafting a bipartisan approach to creating jobs. But not this Assembly.”

San Francisco Chronicle: “Democrats In The California Assembly Sent A Message To Republicans Who Might Want To Cross Party Aisles To Work With Them In The Future: Don’t Expect Bipartisanship In Return.” (Editorial, “Capitol Games On Maldonado Nomination,” San Francisco Chronicle, 2/12/10)

Orange County Register Blog: “The Politics Being Played In Sacramento On This Are Juvenile At Best And Disgraceful At Worst.” (Brian Calle, “Maldonado Should Be Sworn In As Lieutenant Governor,” The Orange County Register’s “Orange Punch” Blog, 2/12/10)

“The Democratic Leadership – Decided To Grandstand”

“Attempted To ‘Reject’ Maldo’s Confirmation Without Good Reason — Aside From Childish Political Games And Electoral Jockeying.”

KQED Blog: “Fuel[s] The Perception That California’s Statehouse Is Stuck In Never-Ending Dysfunction.” “It was a day full of partisan bickering, political maneuvering, and threatened legal action. In short… the kind of day that’s helped fuel the perception that California’s statehouse is stuck in never-ending dysfunction.” (John Myers, “Doing The Maldo Limbo,” KQED’s “Capital Notes” Blog, 2/11/10)

Fresno Bee Blog: “Another Display Of Pettiness By Majority Democrats.” (Jim Boren, “Assembly Shows The Pettiness Of Politics,” Fresno Bee Opinion Talk, 2/12/10)

“There’s No Hope For The California Legislature If A Moderate Republican Isn’t Acceptable.”

Fox & Hounds: “Democrats In The Assembly Have Lost The Right To Criticize Republicans For Refusing To Compromise.” (Joel Fox, “A Reason For The Con-Con: To Define ‘Refused Confirmation,’” Fox & Hounds Daily, 2/12/10)

“Here’s A Republican Who Voted With The Democrats Yet They Stick To Politics And Punish Him.”

Members of Legislature: Assembly Decided To Apply “A New And Different Standard”

Democratic Assemblyman Jared Huffman: “The Time For Voting Based On Partisan And Political Differences Is In A Campaign, Not In Discharging The Confirmation Authority Entrusted To Me By The California Constitution.” (Asm. Jared Huffman, Statement, 2/11/10)

“The Prevailing View In The Assembly Today Was To Apply A New And Different Standard.” “My decision process started and ended with a simple question: is he qualified? … it’s the standard both houses and both parties have traditionally applied to confirmation votes, including a Board of Equalization confirmation just a few months ago. Unfortunately, the prevailing view in the Assembly today was to apply a new and different standard. On principle, I think it was the wrong thing to do.”

Assemblyman Jim Nielsen, R-Redding: “This Is More Than A Lack Of Bipartisanship … It’s Arrogance I’ve Not Seen Emulated In A Long Time Here.” (Steven Harmon, “Governor Insists Maldonado Is The Next Lieutenant Governor,” Contra Coast Times, 2/12/10)

“A Signal To Republicans And The People [That] ‘We Don’t Care About You, We’re Going To Do It Our Way.’”

Assembly Republican Leader Martin Garrick: “For All Of Their Finger-Pointing At Republicans, Assembly Democrats … Took The Extraordinary Step Of Rejecting A Highly Qualified Latino For Constitutional Office Purely Due To Politics.” “While some may disagree about particular votes he has cast over the years, there is no doubt that Senator Maldonado is fit for the job. The Senate set aside politics to confirm the Governor’s nominee in a bi-partisan fashion. Despite the talk of consensus by Assembly Democrats, it was once again extreme partisanship that carried the day. For all of their finger-pointing at Republicans, Assembly Democrats are the ones who took the extraordinary step of rejecting a highly qualified Latino for constitutional office purely due to politics.” (Asm. Martin Garrick, Statement, 2/11/10).