Are you Smarter Than A Duck?

It seems ducks know more about life than we do. I just read an article “Ducks Heading North for the Summer”.
In America, politicians insist our nation led by turkeys must head south! By this I mean our total disregard for American Freedoms is going the opposite direction of the smarter bird.
As Americans we have totally forgotten the meaning, the sacredness, the struggle by so many to reach this moment as a free nation. For our current leadership to invalidate a democracy millions have struggled to perfect is simply too obtuse to understand. Invalidation occurs when ego centric leaders take it upon themselves to bypass rights assigned to the citizenry under the Bill of Rights. Laws are enforced selectively or not at all. Executive Orders are used to replace the Constitution. The full force of the Justice Department, the IRS, the National Security Agency and a variety of Government entities are used to control the populace, to deceive and manipulate.
Today, we listen to politicians who have seduced our mind into believing they are the second coming of our founding fathers. They have a better plan which includes unquestionable political power for them.
Let us be perfectly clear about our founding fathers, whether you personally like them or not. Upon undertaking the notion to establish a democracy in America, they pledged their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor and pledged to personally fight for our freedoms.
Compare that to our current politicians who have yet to found anything but will claim every advance since hot tea or the internet. Most have not served in the United States military it becomes obvious pledging their lives for our country is not conducive with their understanding of a sacred honor.. They cannot understand a service mans military oath,” enlistment has a start and finish date, the oath does not”. The oath politicians take is meant to last for the duration of the ceremony.
Most become politicians to increase their fortune and make no bones about consorting with any number of PAC’s, 501( c ) 4’s, foundations, corporate donors or skimming off the top of government contracts. For many, sacred honor is up for sale and those who refuse to leave their honor at the Capitol door get booted out of office with the help of their own party.
Classic role models such as Senate leader Reid or Minority whip Pelosi have a warped concept of fighting for our freedoms instead, they fight openly,under the protection of mainstream media, they fight for every scrap of votes they can get through the forceful use of political power. They use manipulations, chicanery, fabrications, double talk, delusional plans, blatant lies and the pretense of a saintly reverence to the Lord. This is all part of the cloak of illusion citizens have become accustomed to which is leading us as a nation to the erosion of our constitutional freedoms as envisioned by our founding fathers. The irony exists in the fact we accept this with a “oh well” aplomb and revert into our shell of the un-conscious.
We have all been bamboozled into believing we will all get medical, health care treatment and it will “not cost us a dime” to quote the president.
At the same time 2,000 organizations and corporations have been exempted and powerful unions are asking for waivers as well. Who will ultimately pay? The youth, non union employees and seniors through reduced benefits.
Implementation has coincidentally been delayed until after the 2014 election. If in fact this HealthOrama gravy train will be the salvation of mankind, should we not hurry up and bring on ObamaCare? Not according to Democrat congressmen and Senators who now see it as a liability and will stall until after elections.
Unions and the same people who pushed it through will now hide, equivocate and point fingers.
It was JFK who said;”The rights of man come not from the generosity of the state but from the hands of God”.As a nation we have lost our pervasive attitude of being glad about where we were going in a country endowed with freedom and now only fret where we might end up.