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Are We As Ignorant Today as a Year Ago?

Congress has been reduced to nothing more than a suggestion box. Our current administration in co-hoots with federal department heads thumb their nose at laws they do not like or simply by pass or rewrite through executive orders. All America gets from congress are go nowhere hearings. The American public should be frustrated with high ranking department heads feeling no pain as they shrug off even contempt of congress.
Lois Lerner, former head of the IRS has been threatened with contempt of congress for lying and refusing to be forthcoming about IRS spying on American citizens and blocking the way for legal 501c4 corporations using political connivance. A contempt vote by the House of Representatives, would end up in Justice Department head Eric Holders office who himself has been held in contempt. There is no expectation a contempt vote would be nothing more than a formality that would get nowhere with President Obama already waiting to pardon any of his non-accomplice accomplices. Eric Holder has held the office for five years and has stood firm as an ideologue.
Congress is making no headway on Benghazi, no headway on the Fast and Furious gun running scandal, no headway on the NSA spying, and no headway on the promised immigration bill touted by this administration as being forthcoming 5 years ago. We citizens are being left with nothing more than the personal choices and morality of our leaders and in an age when God has been booted out of our lives through governmental policies and mandates, morality seems to be a farfetched commodity on which to base our leadership’s sincerity.
This week, the theme of the day mantra out of the White House is “equality for women” especially in pay. Interesting strategy considering research has shown average salaries of White House staff show a disparity of 12%, $65,000 for women and $73,729 for men. When confronted, a White House spokesperson said this was due to top tier salaries. In other words, top tiered positions are primarily MEN. Unfortunately, supporters of the Progressive Party could care less about the truth and are primarily concerned with being in sync with main stream media and leadership talking points. Since Obama Care has already been declared a success with 7.1 million enrollees of which they have no idea how many have actually paid. Everyone seems to conveniently forget the goal upon passage of Obama Care was to insure the 41 million who were at that point uninsured. Factor in the fact 6 million more lost their insurance due to Obama Care and nobody really knows what kind of an indigestible fiscal soup we have created. Through creation of his new rewritten law, Obama has once again used his infamous constitutional violating pen and moved the marker for the 38th time to where we citizens will not find out the full extent of the deficiencies of Obama Care until after the 2014 elections and after Obama leaves office.
Democrat congressional candidates are mum on the issue of the fact they are being invalidated as the lawmakers and are content to let their leaders Pelosi and Reid tell them when to speak and what to say.
The current Democrat budget ups the deficit by 1.5 Trillion and will take America beyond the 100% of GDP to over 101%. In other words, America owes more than it can produce in its entirety through all means yearly and we continue to require extensive borrowing from nations we are supposedly at odds with. How bad can China be if they are fiscally strong enough to lend us the supposed “super power” money to survive? China already owns 25% of our GDP.
Experience teaches you to recognize a mistake when you’ve made it again. In the 2014 elections, let’s try to remember and vote to save America, not “hope to change it”.