September Storm

La Prensa Hispana

Not too long ago, Andy Ysiano could be characterized by one of the many songs he has written, “One Foot On My Harley and One Foot In The Grave.” Andy lived life as if there would be no tomorrow. Songs such as ‘I Just Don’t Give A Damn”, “You Took My Heart and Mashed That Sucker Flat”, “I’m Gonna Make It In Nashville”, “No Future In My Past” and “Why On Earth?” are only a few of the many songs which have been sought after by artists who are looking for new materials. As the alcoholic, now famous poet Edgar Allen Poe did many years ago, bartering his poetry, Andy was prone to do the same with his songs as a means to continue to party hardy.

In the past few years, Andy has had a major reversal in life attitude and it was all due to what Andy can only explain as a life changing confrontation with the “Almighty”.

For many years, during times of major stress, hardships and self inflicted chaos, Andy would head to the same spot in the desert by Thousand Palms, facing the mountains. Here at this isolated stretch of sand frequented by Geckos, rattlesnakes and scorpions, Andy would face the mountain and with a heavy heart, unleash the anger and set his emotions free. Often in his own convoluted way communicating with the almighty in harsh terms, asking for favors and challenging to see if anybody up there was listening.

During one such stop, Andy had no idea his life was about to change. While undergoing one of his episodic explosions confronted by self enduced turmoil, he shouted out to the heavens “God does not exist, if there is a God, show me a sign; show me there is a higher power.” Many times, Andy had stopped on this site in the desert, many times he had said his piece and many times he had left feeling the sadness in his empty heart as he continued on the forsaken path he called his life.

As he faced the mountain, a blinding flash of colorful light consumed his vision and the bright multi-colored image of a kneeling angel became visible on the mountain wall a great distance ahead. As fast as the image appeared, the colorful image evaporated but to Andy’s surprise, the image on the mountain remained etched forever. The image is still visible today on the mountain side in black and white. The image is attributed to the sun and shadows cast onto the mountain but the life changing power of the image which shook and cast Andy to his knees provoking a catharsis he had never known has taken on a life of its own.

Last Easter, driven by Andy’s revelation, hundreds of pilgrims gathered at the site and witnessed the angel as it came to life through the power of sunlight. Those same shadows and reflections were probably there prior to Andy’s instantaneous conversion yet no one had ever seen the image. No one had envisioned the kneeling angel on the side of that mountain.

Today, Andy spends his time witnessing, talking about the power of transformation. He has become a gentle spirit who acknowledges a higher power, who thanks the Lord constantly for his blessings and envisions a church at the same location. Andy Ysiano has been contacted by Dan Guerrero, the son of the late Lalo Guerrero, the father of “Chicano Music” and has been invited to share his many songs and his story for a possible CD.

For those who know Andy and have lost touch or those including clergy who are the least bit interested in hearing Andy’s first hand account of his vision, call him at 760-343-4558. Andy is struggling at this point on the brink of losing his sight. His sight began to fail a few months after his experience, he estimates he has another year before his sight is totally gone. He daily gives thanks for his personal miracle, his salvation and the happiness that had always eluded him and has now found shelter in his heart.