America we have a problem

September Stormm

La Prensa Hispana

Once upon a time we had representatives who worked for the will of the people. We were considered a representative republic. Today, by all indications we have a reverse situation, we the people are at the whim of our elected representatives. Our representatives tell us what they are going to do whether we like it or not, “for the good of our nation.” The question is who decides what is the good of our nation? The answer is in this societal changing administration, “the party in control does”. Ironically we are not only forced to dance to their tune, we also pay for their whims. Should this not entitle us to protest? No, unless we wish to appear un-patriotic according to the heads of the representational circus.

America, we have a problem! Our elected representatives have chosen to align themselves with the likes of socialist leaders Chavez, Ortega, court Castro, bow to Arabia, treat Iran as a reasonable friend, distance themselves from our only ally in the middle east, Israel, attack our own Central intelligences Agency for being too harsh on our enemies, require our combat troops to read to our enemies their American constitutional rights, require combat troops to get permission before engaging the enemy, they have agreed to release terrorists for humanitarian reasons later to be found on the battlefields again killing our troops. Our representatives primarily Democrats in the House and Senate along with a very few infected Republicans have decided on a government take over of private enterprises such as banking and the auto industry, our health care system, our communications systems and increase homeland surveillance while at the same time prohibiting international surveillance of potential terrorists.

All this is going on in the interest of our wellbeing! Huh? America, we have a problem and we are the problem. We are still star stuck and have yet to regain our senses after a powerful surge of idolatry brought on by media hypnosis and our own desire to believe in the inherent good of all mankind. We have a deep set desire to believe in the spoken word, and a kind face. We want to believe politicians are telling the truth. When they say I promise, we think they really mean it. We want to believe politicians are not in it for the money, they are serving a cause for the sake of humanity. We convince ourselves the trillions of dollars we send them through our taxes yearly are being spent for our good instead of the enrichment of the chosen few. We cannot believe politicians will really build bridges to nowhere, pay 600 dollars for a hammer and spend billions on private luxury air planes used to take them home on week ends while 20% of the nation stands in the unemployment line. Seniors are being told they will not receive a cost of living increase for two years. The monthly average of a social security retirement check is $1,000. Senators and politicians spend that much for lunch and do not doubt it for a minute.

America, we have a problem and it will not get any better by your constant apologetic, hang wringing acquiescence and defending your party. As a nation we have become party affiliated and it has become more important to advance a party than to advance ourselves as a nation. Gone are the days of self motivation, self assurance, independence, self preservation and the foresight to spot the enemy. We have lost sight of our real enemies and can no longer see them until buildings fall apart over our heads, bombs explode around Americans wherever they go internationally and economies collapse around us. We have forgotten how to comprehend deficit spending, to understand you cannot borrow 50 cents for every dollar you are going to spend, you cannot print money and expect no one will notice, you cannot relabel one million, million dollars as simply one trillion and be okay with it as an insignificant amount. The Chinese own 25% of our economic output, the Arabs own 80% of the oil we use, our declared enemy Venezuela owns 10% of our gas stations while we sit on our behinds and refuse to allow any drilling in our own backyard. The Japanese have over taken our auto industry and electronics, India is taking over our tech industry, China has overtaken us in economic growth. Our president relies on political one-upmanship with intrigue and grandiose staged events at home and political naiveté internationally. Is it any wonder Muslim terrorists see us as a weak, vulnerable nation?

America, we have a problem and unless we all develop a back bone again and take control of our representatives from the White House down instead of allowing them to control us, we will become a much different nation. God help us because we will become that which true Americans fear the most, a society dependent on government, without the realization that anything you allow government to lay claim to, including our constitutional rights, can be taken away by this same government.

As we pilgrims begin to stir, a new effort will be undertaken to convince you to relinquish your rights. Be prepared for new poll tested phrases, a regrouping of those who would benefit from our loses, the piecemeal passage of the trillion dollar health care bill, a relentless show of force through the air waves and television, charismatic fireside chats and if all else fails, a ramrod approach that will be irreversible in our lifetimes. Are you having second thoughts? ¨Luke, may the force be with you.¨