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America the Land of the Stupid

Over the years, there have been several studies on the subject of pluralistic ignorance. Subjects are given an article designed by scientists to be incomprehensible. On a scale of 1-11, the majority of testing respondents declared the comprehensibility of the article as a five. Privately there was admission by practically all they had not understood, but 63% believed others did understand the article. As a group they pretended to understand but individually they admitted they did not. This is pluralistic ignorance. This is exactly how Jonathan Gruber, the architect of the health care bill structured the law. Obama and Nancy Pelosi counted on misinformation and deceit to pass Obama Care. There was an orchestrated misrepresentation and a real fraud perpetrated on the American people by intentionally misrepresenting Obama Care as something it is not. Since none of what was sold in the Health Care bill was actually true, legally, it is tantamount to fraud, misrepresentation, misappropriation and a law packed full of non disclosed legal content. All of us would be entitled to compensation and legal damages if in non governmental life we were to be had in such a manner. Imagine purchasing an automobile with a written guarantee of having 20,000 miles and after purchase discovering it had 200,000 miles. Imagine winning the million dollar lottery and being handed $10. Imagine purchasing a $100 airline ticket and discovering your credit card was billed for $10,000. These transactions we can readily relate to and assess as fraud. We would not hesitate to be infuriated at the deceit. As a nation, we were deceived as admitted by Jonathan Gruber. We will suffer the consequence of a health care bill which from the very beginning was not about health care but rather about funding health insurance for an entire nation at the expense of the working middle class. A transfer of wealth.
Why do we keep believing a leadership who has time and again proven itself to be untrustworthy, deceitful and working against the American public. Dysfunctional is a kind way of saying totally corrupt. Why do we have a political party who encourages, befriends and conspires to assist in such a massive misappropriation of taxpayer funds? The answer is pluralistic, collective ignorance or as Jonathan Gruber readily clarifies as being “American Stupidity”, the land of the stupid, his words not mine. Never in American history has such arrogance in our leadership been exemplified and condoned as a matter of conducting everyday business. Why do we as Americans tolerate this, because we are afraid of being called “racists”, “anti-minority” when in fact this goes beyond name calling, it has reached the realm of colorless unadulterated governmental fraud. Racism is however an intentional ingredient in perpetrating the fraud. As hyphenated Americans, we are much easier to be divided and led astray. Everything we are currently encountering in government management today has been purposely contrived to be divisive. The IRS scandal is about sorting out conservatives from progressives, the Justice Department intentionally provokes blacks against whites, the White House continually sides with unions over business, Muslims over Jews, law breakers over law enforcement and atheism over Christianity.
Deceit is everywhere, the keystone pipeline has intentionally been denied by this White House pretending oil prices are not set by a global market, pretending we are better off purchasing oil from the Middle East where we are hated rather than Canada where we have no such problem. This White House pretends we have secure borders while we spend $18 Billion a year for immigration enforcement, more than all other federal law enforcement agencies combined. Children and the drug cartels the Justice Department armed, cross unimpeded . We are confronted by a president who uses the constitution as a suggestion rather than law; who has no hesitancy to make law then thumb his nose saying so “sue me”. All for his political gain.
Today we are confronted with two distinct faces, one in our own time, the now; the other directed towards the future, towards the legacy of our nation. We are at a crossroad. The American spirit of perseverance is being tested, resistance to the obstruction of greatness must be led by those not afraid of charlatans. As humans we are not given freedom, we must claim it for ourselves. Come January with a new Senate, true Americans must prepare with clarity for the 2016 battle. The American spirit is in our hearts, American stupidity lives in their minds.