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September Storm

La Prensa Hispana

The genius Pogo once said “we have found the enemy and it is us”. Pogo is a genius by todays’ leadership standards despite his lack of Nobels’.

The Obama administration has discovered that Fox News, the United States Chamber of Commerce, the banking industry, the insurance industry, the auto industry, Wall Street executives, conservative valued citizens, conservative radio and every CEO in America is the enemy. With the bugle blowing in full force, the swords aimed at the heart of America, administrative officials have yelled C-H-A-R-G-E . . as they gallop towards decimating us, the enemy. Major news networks with the exception of Fox News run, holding up their pants as they feverishly catch the latest administration anti- capitalism skirmish for broadcast. Fox News along with the still sane segment of the American populace raise their eyebrows not knowing what to make of this scenario where media is in bed with the administration. Thomas Paine in reverse.

Americans cannot bring themselves to believe their own leader, Commander in Chief of the mightiest armed forces in the world is running in circles ala Don Quixote vanquishing his own American business networks.

American troops especially those in Afghanistan who have sounded the call for reinforcements wait, hear the bugle, see the enormous whirlwind dust clouds being generated by a feverish gallop but little do they know the Commander in Chief is spinning donuts with his boys while he makes up his mind to apologize again, fight or flee. After the donuts in the sand, first come the Wednesday night extravaganza parties at the White House. Who has time for war anyway? War is sooo fifties and sixties.

While the administration is wishing for world wide “Cho-wa”, Japanese for harmony, we solemnly wish the whole world was enlightened and disciples of Eastern philosophy. Unfortunately, Mohammed and his disciples aiming at our destruction are more mundane and would rather settle for murdering Americans now in return for 72 virgins in the after life as their bliss. This is a fact Obama and friends have not yet reconciled into their mindset.

The administration has endowed with knighthood his chosen networks of real media. These administration media cohorts continue to report American troops engaged the enemy and the enemy turned out to be civilians; slinging the perception of shame onto our already perplexed troops. It does not take a real genius to figure out the enemy wears no uniform and they are civilians. That is why the war on terrorism is so difficult to fight. Just as our leader has no compunction to win at war, the enemy has no compunction to ever wear a identifying uniform. Every set of eyes starring at our American troops in Afghanistan can either be planning the next assault or planning where to find their next meal. No American serviceman can know which it is until the culmination of action on the part of the observed. This dichotomy is something many Americans do not understand. Every single terrorist attack launched at America either here or abroad were by individuals not wearing any identifiable uniform.

It has become easier for this administration to launch attacks on identifiable entities here at home. We know who the bankers are, we know where to find Fox, we know who the members of the chamber of commerce are, we know where the medical facilities are and who services them, we know where to hit America where it hurts. But, should this internal attack be coming from our own elected leaders? Did the American public really elect Obama to dissolve our constitution, to water down capitalism, destroy self initiative, to re-distribute the wealth, to turn our society sharply to the left, to instill in our society the magical charm of socialism and replace the philosophy of Thomas Jefferson with that of Sal Alinsky ? Is it prudent to place in government control 50% of our nations’ economy? All third world countries have done so then the rest of the economy has fallen easily. The end result is a quasi dictatorship controlled by one party. The answer remains to be seen although I seriously doubt it. America is drifting due to a lack of American values in leadership and it is drifting dangerously close to the shores of socialism. You may disagree but for those of us who have seen Hugo Chavez eliminate Venevision Television in Venezuela and have seen stilted versions of the news coming from the only television station allowed to remain on the air, the similarities of the path we are on are ominous. Attempting to eliminate Fox News, regardless of its’ point of view is sounding the death knell on the America we all cherished with the freedoms millions of Americans fought to preserve. Was it all for naught? Those news organizations who choose to strut because they represent the chosen in this administration have become the weakest link in our preservation of freedom. Once the first and second amendment of the constitution are willfully abandoned by awe struck Americans, the seams of all the rest will unravel and America will be nothing more than the fabled Atlantis, sucked into its’ own mire.

Remember, “ . . .governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the Consent of the Governed”. I do believe many elected politicians have lost sight of that fact written within our constitution and now govern from a position of power given to them by a populace who cannot spell constitution, much less understand it.