All Pockets Look the Same

I am having trouble digesting the developing platform of a political party whose principle philosophy is “there are too many rich people in this country”. Rather than a blessing, fiscal advancement is being touted as an American curse. Somewhat intriguing is the fact the leading candidate marching to the tune of “ stifle the wealth” is doing so at $300,000 dollar a plate dinners. This of course is the same candidate who proclaims to be totally broke and cannot even pay for her “mortgages”, in plurality, at the highest of high ends in American real estate. Take away four zero’s and you would be catering to middle class Americans who will be the force which propels this lady into office. The Democrats economic platform of finding your financial happiness in someone else’s pocket truly escapes me.
We have become immune to knowing the real truth in multiple facets. This administration is now intent on teaching us to “ not get on our high horse” and has exhorted, today’s Christians are derived from the Crusades. Our President seems to suggest, Christian violence,turmoil and warfare since the Middle Ages reflects a key reason the terrorist army of ISIS came into being. Apparently, ISIS is still responding to the Middle Ages Christians defending themselves. The historical true perspective in which the Crusades emanated from the desperate need of defense against marauding, waring Islamists has been cast into the heap of irrelevancy . Now, one thousand years later Democrat politicians can edit the truth with little interference from dead historians. A black attendee at the National Christians Breakfast where the President uttered the reprimand before a multi religions audience of 4,000 people representing 130 countries, stated on a FOX News interview, “it was like verbal rape and his anti Christian rant was totally unexpected”.
We have arrived at a discerning point where we can see a conflict with Christianity, the Muslim upbringing of our elected leader is shinning through the smily face veneer. Our American Judea Christian upbringings are starring into the face of our leader who was versed as a child in Islamic values and now advocates for the very force wanting to destroy us. As Americans we are in a quandary, we have a Commander in Chief who questions our Judea Christian values, who sidesteps defensive posturing for America, refuses to call Muslim terrorists terrorists and refrains from aggressively defending the Jewish nation of Israel, our faithful ally in the Middle East. All the while ensconced with a veil of questionable Christian teachings espousing “the chickens have come home to roost, God damn America” taught by his long time pastor of twenty years, the Reverend Wright.
The two forces of political posturing, wealth distribution and defense against terrorism are being presented as separate issues by Progressive Party candidates. But, they are key to the future of our nation and arrive at our electoral doorstep on the same horse.
Democrat operatives astutely aware of this conflation will make every effort to direct our attention to the pie in the sky and will astutely guide us once again to the land of hope; A land being touted for the ability to acquiring wealth without work and politics without principle. Two of the listed seven dangers to human virtue. A third danger, pleasure without conscience we accepted a long time ago. The other four dangers we have debated for thousands of years, related to science, business, sacrifice and knowledge and as important as they are they do not threaten the fundamental existence of our nation.
We know, 2016 is the turning point for America. Life can set upon us political obstacles to freedom but the limits we tolerate are set by us.