Agua Caliente Tribe Signs New Compact

“This is a win-win agreement for California and the tribe”

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California signed a new Indian Gaming Compact with the Agua Caliente Tribe this week. The tribe which had been at odds with the Governor until recently expressed satisfaction with the new terms.

The tribe will be allowed to operate up to 5,000 slot machines. The plan is to operate 2,000 each at the tribes existing casinos in Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage and operate 1,000 slot machines in a new casino they were given permission to build as a result of the new agreement.

The State of California also came out a winner to the tune of $81.9 million a year to the California General Fund once the terms of the agreement reach maturity. The tribe currently contributes about $11 million per year to the general fund.

Richard Milanovich, Agua Caliente Tribal Chairman said at this point they are still in the process of building their second hotel at cost of $210 million and have no set plans for the third casino. At this time they wanted to negotiate expansion rights for the future of the tribe.

With the signing of the new agreement, the Agua Caliente Tribe has become the tribe authorized with the most slot machines in the State of California.

The Agua Caliente Tribe is well known in the Coachella Valley for its’ generosity and gives out over 1 million dollars each year to community organizations. The tribe has earned a tremendous following of community support due to the ripple effect coming from increased employment, a boost to the tourism industry and the tribes consistent support of civic-public service organizations such as police and fire departments.