AG Edwards is now with Wachovia Securities

AG Edwards and Wachovia Securities is a new bigger, stronger, and more solid financial institution with the resources and knowledge to help investors in these economically challenging times. As a result of the merger, Wachovia Securities has become the second largest full service brokerage firm in the number of Financial Advisors in the United States . Industry rankings have moved Wachovia Securities from number eight into the top three firms in the nation. Wachovia Securities is separate from the bank known by the same name.

What is the difference? Most people are familiar with the basic functions of a bank. A full service brokerage firm can offer a larger variety of investments, and more expert advice on a broader financial view of the client’s overall needs and objectives. Having a little savings is great, but is that money working hardest for you at recent rates? This is the kind of question that a financial advisor can answer better than your average banker.

When you want to get an electrical problem fixed in your home, you call an electrician. When you have questions concerning how best to protect your future and that of your family financially, you should call a financial advisor.

Wachovia Securities believes strongly that the relationship between the financial advisor and the client is the most important of all. The firm believes that as a business model that choosing a financial advisor, no matter how large or small one’s financial concerns or questions, should be based on basic principles.

The first issue is whether you trust your financial advisor. If you don’t, get a new one. Without trust, nothing else matters. Be sure you are getting objective advice, and that you are working with someone genuinely dedicated to your success. Your phone calls should be returned on a timely basis. Your advisor should listen to your needs and desires and hopes for the future you envision. A good advisor will also understand your tolerance for risk. Where can one put there money, make it work, and assume the proper amount of risk? Or to put it another way, what are the protections, insurances, and volatility associated with your hard work to earn that money? These are questions that a good financial advisor will face with confidence.

The best proof of a good advisor is your long term relationship with them. If their knowledge and results meet your mutual expectations over time, then you have made a safer and stronger decision than just letting your money sit around without active management by a reputable firm and personal advisor.

Also, most people think they need a lot of money to start investing. At Wachovia Securities, you’ll find that an account with even a thousand dollars is a great way to start off into the world of investing. Also, many people have IRA’s or 401K plans from work or former jobs that are not being actively managed and could be better placed with the right advice. These are general guidelines that should help anyone choosing any firm.

Locally, John Paul Valdez is available to speak to anyone with any financial concerns, and he is fluent in Spanish, he has over 20 years experience and the consultation is free. He works in the Palm Spring’s branch of Wachovia Securities (formerly AG Edwards) and can meet with his clients anywhere in the Coachella Valley . He advertises with us and can be reached at or at 760-320-8977.