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Acceptable and Non-Acceptable Killings

In recent days there has been outrage over the shooting at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs. Three deaths can be directly tied to the shooting. Democrats in particular are outraged and want immediate gun control; “We cannot accept as a nation violence which brings death to our communities”. Most civilized citizens will nod in agreement, chagrin and lament those three lives. We move onward with on the surface emotions and pay little attention to the misplaced focus. Certainly we have reason to grieve for the three innocent victims but we have become callused and immune to the fact the Planned Parenthood Center where the crime took place deals with an unspoken form of violence/death on a daily basis. Planned Parenthood is directly responsible for multi-millions of abortions to date. Since counting began in 1973 we are beyond 57 MILLION dead babies. Death is no stranger to these facilities, only the ages of the deceased seems to have caused such a dramatic stir.
Another disconcerting thought is the fact Planned Parenthood abortion centers have the protection of the law to carry out their mutilations. A lone gunman armed with ammunition instead of forceps is contrary to what we as a nation believe to be acceptable.
In these facilities, black lives do not matter! Black abortions are 3.7 times higher than Hispanics or whites. Thirty five point 4 percent of all abortions are black and 51% are females. Yet, you see no picketing. It is a fact, the percentage majority of abortions are black babies. While we agonize determining which lives matter, no attention is paid to understand the universal truth, All Lives Matter!
It has been clearly noted through a variety of high court cases and presidential acknowledgement in today’s liberal progressive society, the political canonized gospel, “the human embryo/fetus is not intended to be included as part of the human race known as people”. As a Christian majority society, this should be appalling if we truly believe in Christian teachings. Sixty five percent of those seeking abortion identify themselves as Christians.Unfortunately, we believe more in political party politics than what many consider to be the teachings of the church. “ Though shalt not kill”, “life begins at conception” must have an exception clause. A addendum not familiar to most of us. An addendum giving us life ending authority which clearly defines the number of days since conception wherein we control. The power of the universe granted life but we as a liberal political society can end it.
This article is not meant to dissuade those who firmly believe death prior to delivery is acceptable, non binding morally, legal and defines how progressive we have become. This article is only meant to revive, give a spark to the reasoning center of the mind. How can we be incensed by a killing by gun at the same facility that is completely comfortable with the killing by forceps?
As a nation we should be incensed by any killing of innocent non violent human beings. While our president leads the crusade to make certain Muslims are not accused of being madmen determined to end our civilization, he totally escapes the conclusion we ourselves are a mad society on a path to end humanity. Twenty one percent of all pregnancies in the United States end in abortion.
We have become oblivious as to what we really stand for. What will we as a nation fight for? Nobody seems quite to know. Surely we can’t blame the president alone for our disinterest in unborn life. His reign does not exist in a vacuum, his decisions are inextricably tied to the political will of the electorate. In so many words, we are to blame for any action or inaction. Does the American public really care? While we as Americans practice relative disengagement in our day to day political life, the president is tapping into our public sentiment. We conveniently  bastardize our understanding of instigated death and allow for abortion. As if to say this is a Darwinian way of ridding ourself of future dumb politicians. We should lament the fact we are also getting rid of a future genius one who could have saved our world. Freedom of expression must survive what people do not want to see or hear. So it is with anti-abortion.