A good time to think of who we are Or who we are becoming

September Storm

La Prensa Hispana

As we celebrate the 4th of July, we find a nation divided within itself and mass confusion among its’ citizens as to the direction our nation is taking. The United States is in a state of evolution no longer in tune with the intent of the founding fathers. There are those who think the Constitution of the United States was meant to be a living document to be interpreted at the whim of every new president and his group of czars, secretaries, court appointees and diplomats. There is no evidence there was ever such intent. In a recent edition of the Politically Incorrect Guide to the Founding Fathers you will find a distinct version of who the founding fathers were, what they thought, represented and meant by writing and signing the Declaration of Independence we celebrate on the 4th of July.

It becomes clear the founders were conservatives by today’s standards in regards to gun rights, limited government, and religion in public life. George Washington fervently believed that God Himself saved the Revolution. Thomas Jefferson would have vetoed all federal domestic programs of the last hundred years. John Adams considered virtue, morality, and religion to be the bulwarks of a free republic. Alexander Hamilton did not believe in direct taxation or a large government debt. John Taylor of Caroline County, Virginia, predicted the problems of modern state capitalism and central banking. The Founders believed in states’ rights, including the right to secede from the Union.

Our founders had little in common with the current thought of high taxation, more and more government control, irresponsible printing of money, the eviction of God and the emergence of ego centric politicians whose prime motivation is to change government to suit their image rather than to instill democratic freedoms as spelled out in the Constitution with all the amendments. Executive orders were unheard of. Taxpayer funded groups organized for the sole purpose of destroying the precepts of the Constitution would have been a stark reminder of why America had to break away from England’s one power rules, total control.

America has again succumbed into a one party rule where there is only one voice with no tolerance for the silent majority. The same party controls the Senate, the House of Representatives, the White House, and soon will even have the Supreme Court under its’ control. The safeguards explicitly put in by our founding fathers of the three branches of government are being invalidated and we say nothing. The danger in this is the loss of any ability to challenge bad ideas. Poorly written bills, laws and endless taxation is currently being passed without our officially elected representatives even reading the legislation they are imposing on all of us. This should strike fear in the hearts of all of us and for some inexplicable reason, it does not. We are dismantling participatory democracy and are becoming obsessed with a hypnotic form of idol worship of the worst kind.

You have to look no further than to our next door neighbor, Mexico where the same party ruled for 70 years and by the time the people were able to break the same party rule monopoly, they found a third rate country where every single soul including the beggars on the street are unionized. Mexico has socialized medicine, it requires endless waits and packed amphitheater size rooms just to sit for hours to get a number. People die while waiting to be seen. Those who can afford it will instead pay the fee of a private practitioner. They circumvent socialized medicine and return to the system we have here today. Placing a life long bureaucrat in a position to dictate whether you get treatment or not is not only dangerous, it defies logic. The problem with allowing government to attempt to restructure our health care system can be defined by the fact a trillion dollars are in the process of being spent and not a single legislator can tell you where it will go. Does this in and of itself arouse any type of suspicion? Has America really lost all of its’ focus?

Where are we, where are we headed? This 4th of July would be a good time to think about it even once while you grill your burger.

Place the image of the Honduran people whose elected representative striped their president of his authority because he was angling to rewrite their constitution to eliminate term limits. The Honduran president was taking instruction from known dictators, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua and Fidel and Raul Castro of Cuba. Logically, the Honduran people can read between the lines and want no part of it. Americas’ leadership of Obama and Hillary Clinton have stated and are seen joined at the hip with Chavez, Ortega and the Castro brothers opposing the Honduran peoples far sightedness. Isn’t ousting a sitting president what American Democrats did to Nixon? Hondurans have done the same thing in lightening speed. Let us bring God back into the equation and pray for his guidance and a return to the America with all its personal freedoms we cherish and celebrate on the 4th of July