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99 Cent Only Store open in Coachella

Located on Harrison in the Cardenas Market shopping center

 The 99 Cent Store took center stage Thursday morning with a ribbon cutting and a tremendous crowd which was ready to explore the 99 cent values. The 99 cent store has just about everything you would need in day to day shopping including produce. The main difference with products is the cost.

The name 99 cents says it all. Customers raved at the prices. “I can’t believe this detergent is only 99 cents”said one happy customer as she slipped three into her basket.

   A quick snap shot was taken of Elizabeth Leon, Store Manager, Andre Collins and Mike Gerety. Also present was David – Sherry Gold, President of the company.

Jesse Villarreal, councilman and Assistant City Manager Brown were present to cut the ribbon. Many city leaders such as Sal Velasquez and community members joined in the celebration.