Marisela Garcia/

La Prensa Hispana

For all the talk about the 80th Assembly District political contest being down and dirty, most voters are not seeing it that way. For those who recall the campaigns of the past starting with Jim Battin against Bornstein then Acuna and Bonnie Garcia against Acuna and then Clute, this election seems like baby bathwater warm.

Perhaps it reflects the character of two genuinely nice guys who are running for the position. Gary Jeandron, the Republican candidate who holds a masters degree in Marriage and Family counseling and Manuel Perez the Democrat candidate, a highly educated man, graduate of Harvard, with a degree in Education. Both are not politicians per se. They both are committed to serve the people and are bringing with them the idea that the voters can decide who can do a better job. Of course there are confrontational issues about immigration where Perez supports a “pathway” for undocumented aliens to obtain driver’s licenses and the never ending tax issues. The “pathway” could involve a number of methods including legalization through documentation. Most observers feel there is a relevance to a “pathway”. How else can you get from here to there?

Taxes? After the $800 Billion measure taxpayers are being nailed with by the Federal government, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, most voters are wondering if either party is on our side? The truth is, whoever is elected as the Assemblyman for the 80th District will be only one vote out of eighty and either 1 out of 32 Republicans or 1 out of 48 Democrats. Neither will likely make a majority on any issue.

Are we waiting for the October surprise? That remains to be seen. In the meantime, voters are learning as much as they can about two candidates, new to politics and new to the old fashioned game of slash and burn. Candidates will most likely receive endorsements from their pre disposed constituents. Jeandron, a resident of Palm Springs will likely be supported by the West Valley and Palm Springs establishment, we would be surprised if he is not.

Perez will be wholeheartedly endorsed by the East Valley community which seems to revel in being the counter balance opposite to West end endorsements; That is why West end endorsements often back fire and only serve to reinforce and bring together the East end of the Coachella Valley. The Imperial Valley is up for grabs at this time with neither candidate with a firm winning hand although the voter registration numbers favor Perez.

Perez and Jeandron may want to continue the clean campaign but we have a feeling their state level surrogates are anxious to throw a few punches and we should be anxious to exercise our right and VOTE!