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Hispanic Awards 
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12th International Hispanic Awards Fills every seat

“Outstanding” was a phrase heard over and over again at the end of the night. Every sear was filled. Every year first time attendees are taken by surprise of the complete cultural mix. Both, award recipients and those attending reflect roots from multiple nationalities and come from all aspects of social life. This creates a very comfortable ambiance where everyone feels welcomed and part of this classic Black-tie event.

This year’s event was the first major outside event to take place at the new luxurious, Agua Caliente Hotel Resort-Spa in Rancho Mirage. Val Jimenez who received the “Sol Azteca” six years ago and has volunteered as the Master of Ceremonies since then returned to conduct the activities. Jimenez who is employed at the California Department of Justice has been attending the FBI Academy in Virginia. Jimenez spent a good portion of his week-end on an airplane but was at the 12th annual event to continue his duties.

The program opened with Agua Caliente Tribal Chairman Richard Milanovich welcoming the crowd to the well appointed Cahuilla Ballroom, the Reverend Porter from El Centro gave the blessing, Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack bestowed her praise of the event and Senator Jim Battin gave the official welcome. Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia contributed with comments marking the 12th year anniversary of the event.

During dinner, the Jarocho Kings, a popular trio entertained. The awards proceeded and were presented as follows: The Sol Azteca-Image Award went to Founding Sponsors,the Agua Caliente Tribe, Richard Milanovich-Chairman. Sol Azteca Awards in various categories went to: Dr. Alfredo Quinonez, Lynn Moriarty, Monica Rascon, Jim Houston, Richard and Jan Oliphant, Sandra Austin, Bill Soqui, Doris Wilson, Judy Thompson, Luis Silva,

Lic. Particia Hernandez, Nachhattar S. Chandi, Sal Velasquez, Ben Godfrey, Omar Breton was given recognition for designing the award and Justin Vasquez was recognized for the excellent job done in publicizing including a multi-page spreads prepared and disseminated through electronic mail. A special recognition was given to Senator Jim Battin and Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia for having consistently supported the event for the past 12 years. Val Jimenez was given a special recognition for serving as the Master of Ceremonies for the past 6 years despite the fact he is currently living 3000 miles from where the event is held. The International Hispanic Awards was founded 12 years ago by Ana Rascon Vasquez and La Prensa Hispana and is produced annually by Hispanic Image Marketing Network, Inc. CEO, Al Vasquez (www.hispanicmedialink.com).

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